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Camiguin Island Hop, Countryside Tour with Team Building for Sangali National High School, Zamboanga City Delegates

The delegates from Sangali National Highschool, Zamboanga City made their 3 Days, 2 Nights Camiguin Island Countryside Tour with Island Hopping and Team Building Activity last October 22, 23 and 24, 2014.

Their package includes the following:
  • 2 Nights Accommodation
  • Transportation within Camiguin Island
  • Pick Up and Drop Off Services
  • 3 Days Camiguin Countryside Tours
  • All Entrance and Environmental Fees to All Tourist Destinations (Natural/Man-Made)
  • Motorized Boats for Island Hopping (Mantigue Island and White Island)
  • Drivers, Fuel, Services of a Tour Guide
  • Team Building Activities with Prizes
  • Souvenir Item
  • Welcome Tarpaulin
  • Food Not Included (optional)
First Day - Brunch at Check Point, Mambajao, Camiguin

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At the end of their first day countryside tours, they bathe themselves at Ardent Hot Spring..

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They made there way to Walkway to the Old Volcano for a group pose, boat ride to sunken cemetery and shopping spree of souvenir items at the local souvenir shops in Camiguin.

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On their second day, they went to Zipping Zone (Zipline) for a thrill experience.  Zipping line will pass over J&A Fish Pen.

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After their quick lunch, the delegates proceed directly to Mantigue Boat port to visit personally Mantigue Island.  Boat ride for about 15 minutes.  Only 6 guests are allowed per boat.  Then, upon arriving Mr. Rico (Official Mantigue Nature Park Guide) lead them to a trekking experience for 10 minutes across the island.

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On their 3rd day early in the morning, the group made a quick boat ride for 7 minutes to the famous White Island of Camiguin.

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After their fabulous experience (according to them), the group have their team building activity for 2 1/2 hours.  Their main objective are to strengthen their relationships with each other, camaraderie among departments and positive hope to achieve bigger goals as one (1) organization - Sangali National High School Teachers of Zamboanga City, Philippines. 

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Before 12 noon, everybody was ready to travel back home to Zamboanga City.

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This group experience the once in a lifetime bonding moments with each other.  Discover their individual uniqueness and differences.  Recognizing their strengths and weakness.

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Team Building Activity Facilitated by AvielleTours

Title: Team Building (Combination Land & Water Sports)

Participants: Fusarium Wilt Program Personnel, Pablo Project Personnel, Coco Sugar Personnel, PCAARRD Personnel, SMARRDEC Secrtariat and some Administrative personnel of the Implementing Agencies
Date: September 26, 2014
Venue: Blue Waters Resort, Island Garden City of Samal 

CORE Objectives:

The team building activity will have the following core objectives:
1. To imbibe among the implementers camaraderie/team work in the execution of the project/program;
2. To create a harmonious relationship among all personnel involved in implementing the project/program.


The following crafted team building activities are:
1. Team Planting – participants are divided into groups and ask to accomplish basic planting activity.
2. Project Building – participants are divided into groups and ask to build a tower out of the materials provided.
3. Problem Solving – participants are divided into groups and ask to solve a specific problem.
4. Contingency Plan – participants are divided into group and ask to response as a team in response to a scenario provided.

At the end of the team building activity, the participants are expected to have a strong relationship among all personnel involved in the implementation of the project/program recognizing each member’s strengths and weaknesses.

I. Introduction to the Activity………………………………………………….Facilitator
Presentation of Teams (Pictorials)

II. Team Planting Mechanics and Instruction ………………………..Facilitator
Game Proper
Evaluation, Questions, and Recommendations

III. Project Building Mechanics and Instruction………………….……Facilitator
Game Proper
Evaluation, Questions, and Recommendations 

IV. Problem Solving Mechanics and Instruction……………….……Facilitator
Game Proper 
Evaluation, Questions, and Recommendations

V. Contingency Plan Mechanics and Instruction………………….Facilitator
Evaluation, Questions, and Recommendations
Game Proper

VI. Over-All Winner Recognition and Pictorial……………………....Facilitator

VII. Final Message of Encouragement…….................................Representative from Fusarium Wilt Program 

SMARRDEC Secretariat
Pablo Project
Coco Sugar
PCAARRD Personnel
Administrative Implementing

Facilitated by:  Avielle Travel and Tours

Mr. Michael Pat M. Badeon, RN 
Managing Director
Mobile:  0947-40-6297

and Ms. Marie Flor B. Hilario-Badeon
Account Executive Officer
Mobile:  0920-666-5702

Here are their activities......

Planting Game 
Briefing and Instruction 
Attending questions per Team 
 Tower Building Game
 Team Meeting
 Identifying Team members role
 General Briefing about Team Building Goals and Objectives
 Competition begins
 Team evaluation
 Attending Team Questions for Clarification
 Project Building Game
 The Winning Team
 2nd Placer Team
 Contingency Game
 Regular Group Briefing
 Team United
 Team at Work
 Team Role Discussion
 Team at Work 2
 Team at Work 3
 The Finish Project
 Team Cheer
Team Evaluation

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We always make sure that our games are carefully crafted and unique in each group/client.
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