Monday, November 10, 2014

How Necessary Team Building Activities Is In Any Organization? Don't Plan to Fail!

TheFoodProject says, Team Building activities are useful for improving dynamics, building trust, facilitating communication and teamwork.

TeamBuildingbyNature says, here are some Team Building Goals and Objectives.

Management Development 
Discover effective ways to get tasks accomplished through others.
Develop your next line of leaders and see what they can accomplish through effective delegation.

Communication Skills 
Learn to set clear objectives and measure performance.
Learn to ask for help and how much (or how little) communication there needs to be among co-workers.
Discover the importance of communicating ideas and experiences among the group to accomplish goals.

Boosting Employee Morale
By overcoming obstacles the team ‘s morale will soar.
Discover how having fun and accomplishing goals can be the best morale booster around.

Strategic Planning
Discover how to structure your planning time to produce maximum results.
Learn how to avoid the planning pitfalls that every leader faces.
Learn guidelines for keeping the team focused on productive planning.

Brainstorming Innovative Breakthroughs
Learn how to be an inside consultant to give breakthrough ideas.
Thinking outside of “the box”.

Managing Difficult People 
How to understand dynamics in conflict - and where you fit in as a mediator.
Discover how to break down communication barriers.

Leading Organizational Change 
How to develop action plan that will make company/organization productive and efficient.
Learn how to communicate the company’s goals that all employees will understand and be motivated to accomplish.

Training Techniques That Produce Results
Discover how integrating experiential learning with assessment and feedback radically boosts results.
How to facilitate a participant's experience from reaction to action plan.

Becoming A High Performance Team
How motivating a positive attitude, commitment to the team, trust, and communication can lead to phenomenal results.

Change Management
Change and transition is inevitable and can be one of the most traumatizing experiences for any organization.
Through communication strategies, leadership planning and employee involvement organizations can minimize the negative impact of change within their structure.
How to successfully deal with the fast pace of change in your work.

Resolving Conflict 
Assess how each team member approaches their work and what that means for reducing conflict and increasing cooperation.
Learn a feedback strategy that motivates co-workers to thank you for your insights.
Finding productive ways to deal with differences that helps us to move beyond our disagreements.

Setting Goals
What would your employees say is your most important issue as a company/organization?
What does your workforce see as your most crucial quality concern?
To maximize quality, productivity, and employee involvement; employees need to be included in issues that they influence.

Below are some of the Team Building Activities we have gathered from different sources in the internet.

Targeted Skills
      Problem Solving
Problem-Solving; Teamwork
      Project Building
Communication, Problem-Solving
      Save the Egg
Problem-Solving, Creative Collaboration
Communication; Trust
      Worst-Case Scenario
Communication; Problem Solving
      A Shrinking Vessel
Problem-Solving; Teamwork
      Go for the Gold
Creative Collaboration; Communication; Problem-Solving
      It’s a Mystery
Problem-Solving; Communication
      4-Way Tug-of-War
Team Work; Sportsmanship
      Keep It Real
Problem-Solving; Communication
      Drop the Ball/Stone
Communication; Problem-Solving; Teamwork

Avielle Travel and Tours recently decide to create a carefully crafted Team Building activities, unique in every organization.  This team building games where tested personally by the office and gain positive and realistic results.

Every facilitation activity, the Avielle Representative will present the definition and present the crafted games to the guest/delegates.

This becomes the signature activity of Avielle Travel & Tours - Davao, Philippines.

Should you need assistance/facilitator to facilitates your Team Building Activity, please don't hesitate to keep in touch with our friendly crews on-board.

Mr. Michael Pat Manales-Badeon, RN - Lead Facilitator >> 0947-470-6297
Ms. Marie Flor Hilario-Badeon - Lead Facilitator >> 0920-666-5702

Other features:
  • Island Hopping with Team Building Package
  • Island Countryside Tour with Team Building Package
  • City Tour with Team Building Package
  • Team Building Facilitation Package

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Paano ba kinu-compute ang pamasahe natin sa eroplano? Pag-aralan natin sabay-sabay..

Ang illustration sa baba ay Sample Promo Fare ng Cebu Pacific. 

1) P199 (underline amount) - ito ang base fare published during may promotional fare.

2) Sale Period at Travel Period- Ang sale period ay nagsasaad kung hanggang kailan ang itatagal ng promotional fare habang ang travel period naman ay kung kailan ang ito maaaring makakapagbyahe. Ang hanganan at availability ng isang promotional fare ay limitado lamang.

3) Sample Fare Computation- Ito ay isang computation ng base fare during the promo, web admin fee, 12%VAT, terminal fee (kung mula Manila at Cebu). 

4) Ang quoted domestic fare ay kabuoang amount na maaring bayaran kasama na ang base fare, web admin fee, 12% VAT, aviation security fee, terminal fee(kung mula Manila at Cebu), fuel charges. 

Ang pasahero ay maaari ding bumili nang prepaid baggage, travel insurance at makakapili ng upuan o seat selection in advance pero ito ay may kaukulang amount na madadagdag sa ticket.

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