Our Services

Our Role and Responsibilities for our Dear Client's are:

  1. We provide assistance in Travel Information:  
          As your travel agency, it is one of our responsibility to provide our client/public with the
          necessary travel information.  We search information regarding their proposed visit.  It is our
          sole duty to be very knowledgeable enough and we must supply up to date and concrete
          information relating to travel.

     2.  We facilitate in the Preparation of Itineraries:

          Travel involves preparation of different types of itineraries.  As you travel partner, it is our
          responsibility to create/craft the best itinerary that suites your travel plan.  Itinerary preparation
          includes provision of transportation advantages and disadvantages information and advice our
          potential client to choose the most convenient course.

     3.  We act as a Liaison with Providers of Services:

          As your travel agent, we maintain constant contact with the providers of various services like
          the transport companies, hotel managers and providers of surface transport like motor cars  
          from airport to hotel and for sightseeing and the like.

     4.  We assist in Ticket (Local) Bookings
          (Book and Buy Basis):

          Selling tickets to potential clients for Airlines bookings.  Ticketing responsibility is not an
          easy job considering the range of international, national and domestic air fares is very
          complex, but we will still find the best route, time of departure and transfer for our client
          satisfaction.  We always provide the most affordable options.

     5.  We facilitate in the Provision of Foreign Currencies:

          As your travel agent/partner, we make sure that convenience will be yours when you travel.
          We can make arrangement for the purchase of foreign exchange on our client's behalf.

     6.  We obtain Travel Insurances:

           Insurances for personal accident risks and risk for loss of baggage is an important function of
           a travel agent/partner like us.  Every travel our client has, an insurance is always proposed and
           presented for their benefit.

Why Choose to have our Services?

           Planning a trip today can be confusing and time consuming.  We travel agency will not only
           arranges the various modes of transportation, but also able to help our potential client save                  money and their valuable time with early booking discounts, special fares, hotel deals and                    travel advisories.

Here are some of the benefits in using our services:
                                           SAVE LOTS OF MONEY!
                                       Advocates Travel!
                                 Experience Convenience!
                                        Reliable Service!
                       We always willing to Go the Extra Mile!

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