Saturday, September 12, 2015

SUCCESS:  Team-building Facilitation with Sta. Catalina Multipurpose Cooperative @ BlueJaz Resort, Davao City

On June 30, 2015 at around 6:56am, Tuesday we made a proposal specially for this organization.
Our email goes like this.....

Great Day Sta Catalina Multi-Purpose Cooperative!

We, the Avielle Travel and Tours were very excited to present our Team-Building Facilitation Package. 

We've been facilitating various type of organization's and you can see it in our Facilitator's profile.

Our package includes;
  1. Facilitator's Honorarium, 
  2. Team-Building Program Design and delivery including
  3. All Presentation Materials to be used during the entire activity.
Our package promo rate is P150 per participant per day (4-6hrs).  We will be facilitating the entire program of activities.  All team-building exercises materials, including presentation (LCD projection) are provided by us. For out of town venue, the company will shoulder facilitator's round-trip transportation, accommodation (budget room) and meals.

From our perspective, a Facilitated Team-Building activity has five primary elements to ensure its success.  These elements are:
  1. Facilitator's Orientation - the understanding, mindset and commitment of the facilitator to create the best experience possible.
  2. Designing - the planning and preparation that goes into creating the experience.
  3. Framing - how the activity is introduced to the group.
  4. Delivery - what the facilitator does during the activity to ensure its success.
  5. Debriefing - the learning conversation that happens after the activity
These elements were carefully crafted in every team-building activity to ensure success, targeting the core objectives.

Sample 1-Day Team-Building Program Design (If you have your own program already, kindly furnished us a copy so that we can craft our activities appropriately)

9:00am - Invocation
9:05am - Welcome Participants
9:10am - Welcome Message - C/O Sta Catalina Multi-Purpose Cooperative (Company Leader)
9:20am - Team-Building Introduction, Its Importance, Rules and Mechanics
9:30am - Ice Breaker Activity: Group Chants Creation (Groupings c/o Facilitator)
9:45am - Team-Building Exercises (Outdoor Activities)
10:30pm - Coffee Break
10:45pm - Wrap Up Summary, General Evaluation, Acknowledgement of Positive Team Character and Debriefing
12:00nn - Lunch Break
1:00pm - LCD Presentation by Facilitator on "Teamwork"
2:00pm - Team-Building Exercises (Indoor Activities)
3:00pm - Coffee Break
3:15pm - Wrap Up Summary, General Evaluation, Acknowledgement of Positive Team Character and Debriefing
3:30pm - Message & Announcement C/O Sta Catalina Multi-Purpose Cooperative- Lead Person
4:00pm - Closing Prayer
4:15pm - Pictorial/Documentation
4:30pm - End of Activity

Sample Team-Building Exercises   (Exercises will be modified depending on the terrain of the venues chosen)
  • Zipline/Water Empower Slide (empower and boost employee's confidence)
  • Mat Pass (establish rapport between employees)
  • Project Building (Tower/Castle/Boat) - (cultivates creativity and communication)
  • Water Banking (value individual efforts)
  • Dragon Fly (encourage trust, support between employees)
  • Ball Maze (create awareness that company success depends on the sum of all individual efforts)
  • Spider Web (makes each employee aware of the importance of his/her colleague's support)
  • Trust Circle (encourage trust between co-employees)
  • Figure Formation (its all about following instruction, comprehension to prevent any untoward misunderstandings)
  • Floating Stick (creates awareness that unity, cooperation and respect is the key to team success)
  • Empowering (its goal is to empower one's talent's and capabilities)
  • Catch My Tail (its all about protecting one's colleague and the company's image) 

Facilitator will facilitate the entire activity from start til finish.  This Team-Building Exercise will Not Only strengthen employees relationship, camaraderie, trust, respect but will also  In-Tune their minds to the company Vision, Mission and Goals and creating awareness as to the IMPORTANCE of team-work in their respective workplaces.
Hope you find our proposal interesting.  We are also willing to visit your office for an open discussion regarding this matter.  You could also visit our office otherwise located at Kristy Dawn College of Davao building, km.5 Guadalupe Village, Matina Crossing, Davao City Tel.No. (082) 321-4691. 

Attached is the Facilitator's Profile for reference.

Best Regards,

Michael Pat M Badeon, RN
Team-Building Facilitator (Davao based)

After sending this brief information we did send them also the program sequence (Final) for approval.
After setting an appointment for thorough discussion of the details of the activities, then we finally come to a conclusion.  IT's A GO!

The Day came and this is what happens...

Wow! It was amazing... Thank God for the wisdom and everything HE provided to made this possible.  All of the 180 participants made its realization, that in "UNITY" there is sure "SUCCESS"!

At the end of the program, the organization made their sincere thanks by giving us a Certificate of Appreciation and gifts.  It touches us deeply.. 

Success in facilitation will never be a SUCCESS if everyone will NOT be in-TUNE to the Core objective of the said activity.  We thank Sta. Catalina Multipurpose Cooperative for their trust and confidence in us.  Specially to all the participants who made their sincere cooperation, to the venue - BlueJaz Beach Resort and Waterpark in Samal for a great place, making the event a very  Successful One!

We thank God Almighty for bringing everyone safe and sound...

TO DIRECTLY CONTACT OUR FACILITATOR, please email him directly at  (expect reply within 24hrs)..